What Features Does The Typical Indoor Navigation Software Come With?

In today’s fast growing world being lost is not an option especially when you have a tight schedule to meet. Global positioning system or GPS is widely used nowadays from mobile phones to cars and many more in the middle all come with a GPS system installed. GPS indeed has become extremely valuable for vehicle and even pedestrian navigation. But with the growing infrastructure and businessman competing to build the largest mall and tallest towers people tend to get lost indoors, many won't accept it but it's the truth.

I am sure everyone has been through that lost in the mall episode both as a kid and as an adult. Sure you can use the indoor directories but after you've figured out where you are and where you want to go, you'll quickly forget and then you find yourself right back where you started . Well finding a place in relation to the "You are here" dot is still less irritating and excruciating than finding a washroom in the hour of need , I personally can't even find the "you are Here" dot let alone the washroom. Plus there's always to headache trying to remember which exit leads to the lot that your car is in. In a fiercely competitive environment, where shopping malls are competing for foot traffic, the winners are innovative mall able to quickly transform the shopping experience.

In-comes the "Indoor Mapping Engine" which is sophisticated and allows the consumer to be instantly familiar with the indoor ecosystem from where ever they may be standing .A shopping-mall app is likely to disappoint in the long term, lacking the depth of features and scalability required to create a remarkable shopping experience. This system will not only revolutionize the shopping experience but the system can be applied to and integrated with many other business applications.

This indoor mapping engine provides the developers and administrators to quickly build and deploy innovative and interactive way-finding features such as"

Advanced map display and interaction: It allows the developers to include innovative features like 360° map rotation, zoom in and out of the place of interest, switch views between different floors, show the nearby streets and also allows the developers to style and shade the maps according to your requirement.
Data and Content Management ability: It provides the developer to map data and manage content across multiple systems, through a single interface. Thereby reducing the effective-cost which otherwise would have been used for support and administration associated with managing and deploying an app across multiple systems.
Landmark based Navigation or Turn-by-Turn Navigation: It is a feature which integrates geospatially accurate maps with location-aware technologies. This gives the shoppers the ability to locate their position as a ‘blue dot’ on their mobile device; shoppers can plan their route between stores, and navigate to their destination using this navigation system. Text directions in this are quite sophisticated, half the times you see the directions like take right in 50 meters, in this system the directions are fully landmark based which is a lot better user experience and makes it more attractive to the end user. This particular indoor platform from JibeStream even comes with fast routing technology that will calculate the fastest path a user can take to their destination.
Messaging Technologies: This feature keeps the consumer engrossed in the mall, makes the consumer acquainted to the mall, to different stores, discount and other retail offers. With the help of location aware technologies, text messages can be delivered to shoppers according to their location or preferences. This feature not only makes your shopping experience great but it also makes it efficient.
Smart Search: this feature helps to configure the in app search feature in such a way that it is able to access external data source also enabling the consumer to have more refine search or search by keyword type options. Also by enabling the predictive search shoppers are given suggestions based on the previous searches thereby speeding up the search process.
Insights and reporting: this feature comes in handy for the mall owners and they can make a great benefit from this. By combining the location-aware objects and mobile apps, data can be collected which helps in giving an insight about the shopper behavior. This data can be very useful for the mall-owners as they can provide an insight about the mall shoppers and also in regulating the mall traffic which is cited as one of the key factors in mall performances. 

Most mapping engines comes with a SDK (System Development Kit) which your development team can use to add indoor mapping to your mobile app; seamless integration with a complex ecosystem of partners and technology; and the ability to rapidly deploy robust indoor way-finding solutions. This is quite cost effective with one of the most advanced mapping technology and has been built in regard to the future. This one is here for the long haul.

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