Top 5 MS Office 2016 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Top 5 MS Office 2016 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

The latest version in the MS Office lineup: MS Office 2016 has delivered beyond the expectations of a common man ever since it was released. It comes bundled with features which make it the undisputed king of all software out in the market. This post is all about the cool features MS Office 2016 offers and how these 5 MS Office 2016 hacks will make your life much easier than it ever was:

1. Integrated Skype:
How often does it happen to you that you get stuck in the middle of work and have no idea to get any further? Well, this is something that happens with me all the time and it’s so frustrating! This is when the integrated Skype service featured in Office 2016 comes to our rescue. You must be thinking, “It’s Skype! I have the desktop version as well! Why is this guy so exaggerating?” My answer would be simple –This feature lets you make a call from “within” Word or Excel which means no compromises with your workflow. Sounds much cooler now, isn’t it?

2. Smarter Lookup:
So you are working with rapt attention, lost completely in your work and suddenly you come across a word regarding which your knowledge ranges from a little to almost null. What you normally do is look it up on the internet which involves multiple clicks and a few minutes of your time compromising your workflow. What if I tell you that you can save yourself from all this trouble? With smarter lookup you definitely can. All you need to do is select the “Smart Lookup” feature from the context menu after you have highlighted the word. Considering this featured to be Bing-powered, trust me it will do wonders for you.

3. Office Lens:
This is one of the coolest and handy features that MS Office 2016 offers. With this feature, you can turn your documents preserved in the form of camera phone images into editable Office document. The feature included in OneNote on a PC is capable of recognizing the printed text within the images with the help of Optical Character Recognition and turn them into documents you can edit. You can easily purchase the limited edition at the cheapest price from Software King.

4. Forecasting:
If you are a full time excel user then you can relate to the horrors of creating a forecast from the data available to you. The skills required for creating a forecast used to be top-notch. But the scenario has changed drastically nowadays, thanks to Office 2016. MS Office 2016 has a feature which lets you create quick forecasts at the click of a mouse using the efficient industry standard ETS algorithm. The forecast is as reliable as Microsoft and makes even the beginners work like a pro.

5. Clutter For Outlook:
This is much more like our spam folders which are an inseparable part and parcel of our daily life. The Clutter feature can be assumed to be as the upgraded spam folder because it filters the emails reaching your inbox by your email usage patterns. For instance, suppose there is an annoying relative who keeps bugging you about what you are doing with your life and related stuff which you don’t want to answer. This feature will recognize your behavior of skipping the mails from a particular address and will prevent their messages from reaching your inbox. Quite handy for bachelors, don’t you think?

MS Office 2016 is loaded with numerous other features all of which can’t be mentioned here. Now since you know the five significantly smart features of it, why haven’t you started trying them already?