Introduction to Bermad Control Valves and Their Features


Control valves of high standard and brilliant traits are provided by BERMAD, which has been the trailblazer and prime megacorp for over a semi centennial. BERMAD offers explications for efficacious irrigation, aqua management and full blown fire protection.

The usage of control valves varies from controlling the flow of liquid to maintaining the pressure of the gases. In order to expertly handle the temperature or the level of liquid inside machinery, control valves opens or closes after receiving the controller signals.

BERMAD provides a generous range of control valves for multiples prospects and purposes.

The monopoly has advanced a series of these valves for categorical utility. 

BERMAD Control Valves for Irrigation 

200 Series Valves

The BERMAD 200 Series control valves are specifically commenced for residential, commercial and agricultural irrigation. 

These unmanned water control valves are delineated for vertical or horizontal installation and are serviceable in Globe or Angle Patterns with superb hydraulic performance. 

Features and Benefits 

IR-200 valves are prorated into Hydraulic valves and Electric valves. There are five product parts for each of these discrete valves which have variant characteristics features. These are: 

  1. Fastening bolts and nuts.
  2. Valve Cover
  3. Auxiliary closing spring
  4. Seal disk assembly 
  5. Valve body

The prime models for IR-200 series valves are:




BERMAD Control Valves for Waterworks  

700 & 800 series valves

These series offer and assortment of control attributes from pressure minimising, relief and sustaining, through level pump, surge, flow and burst control to solenoid and electric control. 

The BERMAD 700 & 800 series control valves meets every water supply needs from municipal and regional to industrial facilities. 

Product Features 

The chief models for 700 & 800 series control valves are:  

Model 720 ES-NVI & Model 820

These are pressure reducing valves. The former is diaphragm actuated while the latter is piston actuated. 

The following are there relevance: 

Model 740 ES-S & Model 840

These are Booster Pump Control Valves, the 700 series model under this category is diaphragm actuated while the 800 series model is piston actuated which capacitates operation at high pressure.


Apart from these there are numerous other models under the categories:

Single Anticipating Valves

     Model 735 ES M

     Model 835-M

Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve

     Model 720-PD-ES-VI

     Model 820-RP

Flow Control Valve

     Model 720-ES-UVI

Solenoid-Controlled Valve

     Model 710-ES-1


This is about everything you need to know about Bermad Control Valves. If you are looking for a supplier, we recommend Pelmar Engineering.

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