ASPHALT DAMAGE – What You Need To Know

Asphalt maintenance is a significant part of any property, commercial or residential. Not only is it important for the feel and appearance but also for liability reasons. Many businesses and home-owners fail to think of the possibility of liability conflicts that could arise from a trip or fall on poorly maintained asphalt. Owners and managers have been held responsible time and again for the expenses of any injured party and in the end those expenses were far more expensive than what it would have cost to maintain the asphalt.

Causes Of Asphalt Damage

There are many different factors that contribute to asphalt damage. One of the most common is the frequent traffic of heavy vehicles. This effects parking areas much more than roads because these heavy vehicles are stopping for extended periods of time and putting weight on the same areas time and again. While upgrades and repairs of other infrastructure elements such as water lines and drainage can be a great benefit to a property they often take a toll on the asphalt and shorten its lifespan between repairs.

Nature is probably the biggest antagonist to your asphalt as it attacks from above and below. Your asphalt is subjected to the regular patterns of the seasons, such as rain and snow. But this water damage is amplified by the expanding and contracting of the asphalt during dramatic temperature changes. Especially in climates where there are dramatic differences in seasons, such as -35 degree winters and 40 degree summers, it is important to pay attention to cracks, and repair them as soon as they appear, otherwise you are going to let the problem increase. Weather is not Mother Nature’s only weapon, there are also tree roots that grow from underground and push raised mounds into the asphalt.

Moisture is also threat to any cracked asphalt. During freeze-thaw conditions any water that has already seeped into un-repaired cracks will freeze then expand when it melts, further compromising the asphalt. This causes crumbing., which creates potholes. Minor pothole repairs and crack seals applied upon the first signs of crumbling and cracking and prevent these from turning into a bigger problem, and even a bigger liability. The foundation beneath your asphalt is very significant. Most foundations consist of layers of gravel and earth. A compromise to the foundation can quickly compromise the asphalt. Minor pothole repairs and crack seals are a great way to minimize the damage and to help protect the foundation from any other leaks.

Paying attention to the condition of your asphalt, whether you are a home-owner or a business is very important for many reasons. One, for appearance. A crumbling asphalt devalues the appearance of your structure which can be of a great cost to you if you are home-owner who is putting their home up for sale, or if you are a business trying to attract customers. Second, poorly maintained asphalt is a liability. As such, any claims against you could contribute to higher insurance premiums, and in the end, a bigger bill than if you had invested incrementally in maintaining your asphalt. By using asphalt repair solutions from companies like Innovative Surface Solutions, you can maintain the integrity of your asphalt.

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