5 Tips For Your Excel Project

Microsoft Excel has long been a classic for organizing data and ideas in creative ways. From accounting to graphing to organizing your party list, excel can make complicated, multi-level information simple and easy to calculate. In order to make Excel work for you in these creative ways, it is important that you have a solid knowledge of what kinds of tools you can use to optimize your Excel project. What follows is a list of features that regular Excel users often overlook or don’t even know about.

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Tip #1: Shortcuts

We are all familiar with the small, antiquated floppy-disk image at the top left of our Excel screen that symbolizes for us to ‘SAVE’. Usually, this icon is accompanied by two arrows symbolizing ‘UNDO’ and ‘REDO’. You can minimize your click time by moving often-used tools to this shortcut corner. To do so, hover over the small scroll down arrow next to the icons and choose ‘Customize Quick Access Toolbar’. Form here you will be able to build a customized tool belt to speed up your project in Excel.

Tip #2: Bottom Bar Statistics

In the bottom bar of your Excel page you will often have default statistics, such as SUM. You can easily add more statistics that you would like to use by right clicking on this bar. From here more options will pop up which you can select in order to quickly have access to the information that you need.

Tip #3: Conditional Formatting

Colour Scales. If you go to the conditional formatting button and select colour scales you can instantly create a formula that colours different data different colours according to what you need to stand out. For example, if you are making a list for scouting basketball players, every player over 6’5 would automatically be highlighted a different colour than the shorter players. These colours have gradient options so you could have the players over 6’8 be another colour.

  Tip #4: Select All Icon

Most people are used to using Crtl+A to select all content on their spreadsheet, however, there is a button that can select all content with just one click. Go to the top corner of your spreadsheet where you will find a grey half triangle next to the ‘A’ column. With one click you can select all of your content and move onto your next command quickly and easily.

Tip #5: Add Multiple Rows

Adding single rows manually can certainly waste time when trying to create new rows between content that you have already inputted. To create multiple rows, highlight as many rows as you would like to create and where you would like to create it. Don’t worry, you can highlight rows that already have data in it and those rows will only be shifted down – not pasted over or deleted. Once you have highlighted ‘X’ amount of rows, choose INSERT from the drop down menu and select Add Rows. Automatically, rows will be inserted where you had highlighted.

Just knowing a few tricks can turn you into an Excel expert and make a big difference in the ease with which you process your data. Spend a little time getting familiar with the Excel tools available and create an organized sheet that that serves your needs.

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