Top 5 MS Office 2016 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

The latest version in the MS Office lineup: MS Office 2016 has delivered beyond the expectations of a common man ever since it was released. It comes bundled with features which make it the undisputed king of all software out in the market. This post is all about the cool features MS Office 2016 offers and how these 5 MS Office 2016 hacks will make your life much easier than it ever was:

1. Integrated Skype:
How often does it happen to you that you get stuck in the middle of work and have no idea to get any further? Well, this is something that happens with me all the time and it’s so frustrating! This is when the integrated Skype service featured in Office 2016 comes to our rescue. You must be thinking, “It’s Skype! I have the desktop version as well! Why is this guy so exaggerating?” My answer would be simple –This feature lets you make a call from “within” Word or Excel which means no compromises with your workflow. Sounds much cooler now, isn’t it?

2. Smarter Lookup:
So you are working with rapt attention, lost completely in your work and suddenly you come across a word regarding which your knowledge ranges from a little to almost null. What you normally do is look it up on the internet which involves multiple clicks and a few minutes of your time compromising your workflow. What if I tell you that you can save yourself from all this trouble? With smarter lookup you definitely can. All you need to do is select the “Smart Lookup” feature from the context menu after you have highlighted the word. Considering this featured to be Bing-powered, trust me it will do wonders for you.

3. Office Lens:
This is one of the coolest and handy features that MS Office 2016 offers. With this feature, you can turn your documents preserved in the form of camera phone images into editable Office document. The feature included in OneNote on a PC is capable of recognizing the printed text within the images with the help of Optical Character Recognition and turn them into documents you can edit. You can easily purchase the limited edition at the cheapest price from Software King.

4. Forecasting:
If you are a full time excel user then you can relate to the horrors of creating a forecast from the data available to you. The skills required for creating a forecast used to be top-notch. But the scenario has changed drastically nowadays, thanks to Office 2016. MS Office 2016 has a feature which lets you create quick forecasts at the click of a mouse using the efficient industry standard ETS algorithm. The forecast is as reliable as Microsoft and makes even the beginners work like a pro.

5. Clutter For Outlook:
This is much more like our spam folders which are an inseparable part and parcel of our daily life. The Clutter feature can be assumed to be as the upgraded spam folder because it filters the emails reaching your inbox by your email usage patterns. For instance, suppose there is an annoying relative who keeps bugging you about what you are doing with your life and related stuff which you don’t want to answer. This feature will recognize your behavior of skipping the mails from a particular address and will prevent their messages from reaching your inbox. Quite handy for bachelors, don’t you think?

MS Office 2016 is loaded with numerous other features all of which can’t be mentioned here. Now since you know the five significantly smart features of it, why haven’t you started trying them already? 


The effects of software bugs can land anywhere on a scale from annoying to deadly. In 1994, in Scotland, 29 passengers were killed during the crash of a Chinook helicopter. This crash was later discovered to be caused by a software bug that hadn’t been detected. With our ever-increasing dependency on software, it has become imperative to properly test your software in order to avoid what could be devastating consequences.

It is estimated that the American government spends over 60 billion dollars a year on damages caused by software bugs. Researchers speculate that proper software testing could lessen this national cost by almost 22 billion dollars. This lesson can be applied at every level of software integration – saving national governments billions or small businesses hundreds or thousands. The bottom line is that it is far more costly to recover from the damages of a software bug malfunction than to have it tested properly in order to reduce the possibility of unforeseen damages.

Even the giants of the tech industry are not immune to bugs infecting their software. What follows are some of the most prominent software bug incidents in the tech industry over the past 20 years:

  1. 2012: Apple Maps
    Did you know that Auckland, New Zealand’s main train station is in the middle of the ocean? Well, not quite, only according to Apple Maps it was. When Apple tried to compete with Google by removing Google Maps from the iPhone and replacing it with Apple Maps, which Apple had written itself, there were many significant errors. For example, in Washington DC, the Washington Monument was moved across the street. Creating a mapping app requires the integration of various photos and data from a vast range of sources. Cross referencing these data points in order to create a reliable map requires thousands of man hours as well. Apple has spent years putting in the time to improve and test its map.
  2. 2007: Windows Software
    For nearly an entire day on August 24, 2007, Windows was greeting its new software downloaders with an accusation that they were pirates and that they were downloading illegal software. This software bug infection was caused by human error when someone accidentally installed a bugged version of Genuine Advantage software onto the Microsoft server.
  3. 1998: Mars Climate Orbiter
    After making the long, lonely journey through space, the Mars Climate Orbiter hovered over the Red Planet eager to rest its metal feet on alien soil. However, the software that calculated the thruster output had been calculating thrust in pound-seconds instead of Newton-seconds. The result was a crash landing that burned up the $655 million dollar robotic space probe. A costly error for NASA, indeed.

If the big tech industries can release and use software with bugs, it is very possible for much smaller businesses and users to do the same. It is vitally important for there to be a commitment to software testing by a inhouse team or outsourcing it to professionals like QA Consultants in order to save money and at the same time to produce results worthy of investment.

5 Tips For Your Excel Project

Microsoft Excel has long been a classic for organizing data and ideas in creative ways. From accounting to graphing to organizing your party list, excel can make complicated, multi-level information simple and easy to calculate. In order to make Excel work for you in these creative ways, it is important that you have a solid knowledge of what kinds of tools you can use to optimize your Excel project. What follows is a list of features that regular Excel users often overlook or don’t even know about.

If you do not have Microsoft Excel, we highly recommend you get it as it is the most used spreadsheet software in the world and is extremely useful in increaing productivity across multiple industries. You can purchase Microsoft Excel directly from Microsoft or a verified reseller like Software King.


Tip #1: Shortcuts

We are all familiar with the small, antiquated floppy-disk image at the top left of our Excel screen that symbolizes for us to ‘SAVE’. Usually, this icon is accompanied by two arrows symbolizing ‘UNDO’ and ‘REDO’. You can minimize your click time by moving often-used tools to this shortcut corner. To do so, hover over the small scroll down arrow next to the icons and choose ‘Customize Quick Access Toolbar’. Form here you will be able to build a customized tool belt to speed up your project in Excel.

Tip #2: Bottom Bar Statistics

In the bottom bar of your Excel page you will often have default statistics, such as SUM. You can easily add more statistics that you would like to use by right clicking on this bar. From here more options will pop up which you can select in order to quickly have access to the information that you need.

Tip #3: Conditional Formatting

Colour Scales. If you go to the conditional formatting button and select colour scales you can instantly create a formula that colours different data different colours according to what you need to stand out. For example, if you are making a list for scouting basketball players, every player over 6’5 would automatically be highlighted a different colour than the shorter players. These colours have gradient options so you could have the players over 6’8 be another colour.

  Tip #4: Select All Icon

Most people are used to using Crtl+A to select all content on their spreadsheet, however, there is a button that can select all content with just one click. Go to the top corner of your spreadsheet where you will find a grey half triangle next to the ‘A’ column. With one click you can select all of your content and move onto your next command quickly and easily.

Tip #5: Add Multiple Rows

Adding single rows manually can certainly waste time when trying to create new rows between content that you have already inputted. To create multiple rows, highlight as many rows as you would like to create and where you would like to create it. Don’t worry, you can highlight rows that already have data in it and those rows will only be shifted down – not pasted over or deleted. Once you have highlighted ‘X’ amount of rows, choose INSERT from the drop down menu and select Add Rows. Automatically, rows will be inserted where you had highlighted.

Just knowing a few tricks can turn you into an Excel expert and make a big difference in the ease with which you process your data. Spend a little time getting familiar with the Excel tools available and create an organized sheet that that serves your needs.

ASPHALT DAMAGE – What You Need To Know

Asphalt maintenance is a significant part of any property, commercial or residential. Not only is it important for the feel and appearance but also for liability reasons. Many businesses and home-owners fail to think of the possibility of liability conflicts that could arise from a trip or fall on poorly maintained asphalt. Owners and managers have been held responsible time and again for the expenses of any injured party and in the end those expenses were far more expensive than what it would have cost to maintain the asphalt.

Causes Of Asphalt Damage

There are many different factors that contribute to asphalt damage. One of the most common is the frequent traffic of heavy vehicles. This effects parking areas much more than roads because these heavy vehicles are stopping for extended periods of time and putting weight on the same areas time and again. While upgrades and repairs of other infrastructure elements such as water lines and drainage can be a great benefit to a property they often take a toll on the asphalt and shorten its lifespan between repairs.

Nature is probably the biggest antagonist to your asphalt as it attacks from above and below. Your asphalt is subjected to the regular patterns of the seasons, such as rain and snow. But this water damage is amplified by the expanding and contracting of the asphalt during dramatic temperature changes. Especially in climates where there are dramatic differences in seasons, such as -35 degree winters and 40 degree summers, it is important to pay attention to cracks, and repair them as soon as they appear, otherwise you are going to let the problem increase. Weather is not Mother Nature’s only weapon, there are also tree roots that grow from underground and push raised mounds into the asphalt.

Moisture is also threat to any cracked asphalt. During freeze-thaw conditions any water that has already seeped into un-repaired cracks will freeze then expand when it melts, further compromising the asphalt. This causes crumbing., which creates potholes. Minor pothole repairs and crack seals applied upon the first signs of crumbling and cracking and prevent these from turning into a bigger problem, and even a bigger liability. The foundation beneath your asphalt is very significant. Most foundations consist of layers of gravel and earth. A compromise to the foundation can quickly compromise the asphalt. Minor pothole repairs and crack seals are a great way to minimize the damage and to help protect the foundation from any other leaks.

Paying attention to the condition of your asphalt, whether you are a home-owner or a business is very important for many reasons. One, for appearance. A crumbling asphalt devalues the appearance of your structure which can be of a great cost to you if you are home-owner who is putting their home up for sale, or if you are a business trying to attract customers. Second, poorly maintained asphalt is a liability. As such, any claims against you could contribute to higher insurance premiums, and in the end, a bigger bill than if you had invested incrementally in maintaining your asphalt. By using asphalt repair solutions from companies like Innovative Surface Solutions, you can maintain the integrity of your asphalt.

Tips When Buying An Office Printer

When you work in an office there are a few items that are used routinely; the office phones, the fax machine, and the printer are all well known for being your typical office tools. This leads to the next point: it’s worth the time and investment to make sure that the equipment you have in your office is up to par. Better tools mean better results on most occasions. In an office environment it’s incredibly important to meet the needs of your workers and grant them the best chance to be efficient and do their job well. With that in mind lets talk about the office printer.

A printer sounds like such a simple item but at the same time it’s the root of any solid mass that has to do with information that we wish to hold and observe. With this in mind getting the right office printer for your workplace should be a priority. Here are tips on choosing the right printer for your office,

Consider Needs Vs. Cost

When you are looking at printers for your work place consider the needs of your workers. Think about the amount of printing you may need in a daily routine. Another idea you may want to consider is the amount of times people have to wait for another print job to finish to continue their work.

Time is a priceless item and the longer employees are held up, the less efficient they are capable of being. Once you consider the amount of loss you accumulate due to that it would be wise to look at not only a price range of printers that can meet the needs of your employees, but the upkeep of a given printer.

Printer speed is measured in PPM (Pages Per Minute). Sometimes you may need to spend a little bit more to ensure efficiency can hit its peak in a workplace.

Research it

Take the time to look into a particular item. See what other people are saying about it via reviews and look into both the good and the bad. Also, consider how tech savvy your workplace is. The worst option would be to bring in a piece of technology that by definition is great and top of the line, but on the down side no one understands how to make it work. Find something with solid reviews, happy customers, and something your team can work with. Reviews are easily available online and make sure to look at reviews worldwide since many printers are sold globally.


This should be common sense but it should be mentioned anyway. Make sure that the support that comes with a given product is up to proper standards. Purchase reputable brands and from reputable dealers like WestX so you know they won't ignore you after you've made your purchase. If you are going to invest into a piece of technology that is going to help run your workplace it’s a necessity to have a solid foundation of people you can go to should a problem arise.

Also consider the security processes that the printer offers should the information your company handles be information of a sensitive nature. And lastly, take your time. A rushed choice is a bad choice. Look into the options that appeal most to you and take the time to truly evaluate what will fit with your needs, and which options are better off left alone.

Packaging Tips to Seal Success


Packaging by definition doesn’t sound very exciting, right? However, viewed in the right light, packaging can be the icing on the cake of a would-be transaction between customer and merchandiser. Anybody, anywhere can appreciate the small extra efforts to make something enticing. Packaging is exactly that in the world of sales. It lets you do that little extra bit to make something that much more appealing. Before you look at the design of a package, you should consider the functionality of it first. Use proper leak detection testing such as FlexPak to make sure the product is properly sealed, this is especially important if the product is a edible! Also make sure the material can endure shipping and transporation.

Consider these tips to maximize on your packaging potential and pave your road to the highest levels of success.

Audience Analysis

This is going to be one of the most important factors. Ideally, what is your most common customer base going to be? What age group, what gender?
Once you take these ideas into consideration you can take the proper steps toward what attracts them most in a product.
Capitalizing on convenience and common expectations is the doorway to bigger and better things.

Unique Factors

Whatever the item may be that is being packaged put a great consideration toward what is unique about it. Think about what makes it stand out and why it should be so appealing. Consider:

  • Competition- What are the alternatives and why is this the better option
  • Pricing- How does it scale price wise against the alternatives?
  • Is it an upgrade of a prior model?

These are all things to take into consideration and ultimately showcase to maximize visual appeal to the item.

Multiple Versions

Is the packaging being applied toward one specific item, or are there multiple versions of it? This needs to be taken into consideration for the idea of consistency.
Keep your packaging consistent with a particular item or it’s going to spread a batch of confusion across the customer platform. Consistency matters.

Multiple Designs

When you are putting together a packaging design don’t fall in love with the first option that you put together. Sure, it may look incredibly, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a few other alternatives into consideration.

Try to make a habit of making 2-3 designs so that you can look at them side by side and make an informed decision.

Less is More

This stands for several different ideas to consider. When you are attracting a possible customer to an item you have a few moments to truly catch their attention. The brain works in a very fast manner, attraction is almost instantaneous. What this means is that you need to keep the design to the point to be effective. Try to keep a lot of words out of the design, try to maximize on capturing ideal points that will have the highest impact. See this nifty tutorial to learn how to simplify your designs.

Seal the Road to Success

Packaging can make a very bid deal in the end outcome of an item. It helps display and captures the very essence of appeal. With these tips maximize the hold you have on appeal and generate the best response possible.

The Perks of Security Guard Management Software

Photo by Krysten Newby

Security is a career that continues to advance with technology. Security in itself stands as a lot of responsibility, and there is a continuous effort to optimize these very responsibilities. This is exactly why security guard management software is such a useful leap in technology.

So what exactly does that mean? What exactly does security guard management software bring to the table for people that work in this industry? To put it mildly, it optimizes everything the job entails, literally.

The Specifics

It may sound like a stretch when I say that security management softwares optimizes “everything”, but in the modern world it is very much true. While the quality of security software can differ based on the developer, most up-to-date software offers sophisticated features. As an example, here are some of the features offered by security management software developed by SilverTrac.

Reporting Incidents

When on the job incident reports are core factors to doing the job correctly. This software grants the option of multimedia and customizable messages to make incident reporting more efficient and accurate.

Real-time Reporting

While daily responsibilities and reports ill still be a part of the mix, there will also be much more allowance for real-time reports. This allows maximum efficiency for routine routes with the allowance to focus more in the moment.


Geolocation is a fancy word that means being able to track “x” officer. This is beneficial in a number of ways but for the sake of a singular example: an officer that gets injured on the job can be found that much faster.

This same benefit can be applied to a number of “urgent” situations, but the idea to take from it remains to be the speed of response. This grants the best response by having real-time communication and a means to identify a location simultaneously.

Record Keeping

This could be a matter of keeping a log of events that occur during a given week, or can even be applied to the training and certification of a given employee. Whatever the case may be, this software allows an organized method to keeping track of who is certified for what, and maintains a method stay on top of the learning curves required for a security position.

Overall Efficiency

Security guard management software is about taking all of the job’s responsibilities and granting options to optimize and simplify it.

Whether it’s tracking an officer’s movements, reporting an incident, or logging a variety of other information, it can all be done easier with the right software.



The concept of advancement in technology centralizes around efficiency. As job tasks become more efficient they can be given much more time and effort which results in more accurate reports, stronger job performance, and the opportunity to expand operations to a higher level.

Security guard management software allows for not only a more optimized job, but also a safer one for the individuals working these positions. The way it has been developed has a variety of safety features that insure not only a more efficient job, but one that someone can feel secure conducting.

Take efficiency and safety to a higher level by seeing how this kind of program can benefit you.

The Value Behind DNS Security


DNS or domain name services are something that is used routinely, yet most of us don’t really even know what it is. Ultimately it’s a digital identity. It’s something that enterprises use as a means of having presence from a technological stance, with a failing DNS the common outcomes are:

  • A business stops and the webpage is unreachable
  • Applications reliant on a particular DNS will cease to work
  • Users as a whole will be unable to locate network resources in addition to any cloud services they may be involved with

The failure to properly secure DNS can lead to a list of problems that can have significant consequences. This is all the more reason to make extra efforts to keep DNS secure, functioning, and preparing for the unexpected.

How does one properly secure DNS and insure that it is prepared for whatever road bumps it may come across? The following are a few things to take into consideration:

Preparations for Secure DNS

A secure DNS comes down to finding a reliable, secure DNS service that is not only easy to manage, but also designed for the dynamic needs of your particular business.

Having highly resilient DNS services is essential to keeping a DNS functioning and safe. These services should have:

  • Flexibility to deploy high-throughput, centralized architectures
  • Fully-distributed environments with several service delivery points

A core network that doesn’t compromise will keep a DNS service functional and prevent problems such as an outage, or even inconsistent DNS records.

Threats of DNS

Threats in the technology field are ever evolving, as is technology, but the awareness of a few DNS threats validates the importance of DNS security. There are certain areas of technology that require top-notch security measures; DNS is a prime example of this.

A few core threats to DNS are:

  • Typosquatting- This is essentially the act of creating a similar domain name to a popular brand or name. It threatens the security of company secrets.
  • DNS Amplification attacks- a form of DDos attack that can compromise the performance of a site.
  • DDos- Ddos attacks, or distributed denial of service attacks, are aimed to cause a DNS server to either work slower or knock it entirely out leaving it disabled.
  • Registrar Hijaking- If an individual can take control of registrar login it can normally be transferred and access to a lot of valuable information can be achieved.

When DNS is compromised there are several valuable assets that can be at risk. At a minimum it can wreck havoc on performance, and in a worst-case scenario, it can mean the loss of valuable information and losing control of important logins indefinitely.

Not taking the time to properly protect your DNS may be something that you can get away with for a time, but the consequence should anything go wrong simply is not worth the risk. It can’t be emphasized enough that DNS security is essential for businesses. Take the time to properly consider whether or not your DNS is secure and double check by having a professional confirm what you think.

Introduction to Bermad Control Valves and Their Features


Control valves of high standard and brilliant traits are provided by BERMAD, which has been the trailblazer and prime megacorp for over a semi centennial. BERMAD offers explications for efficacious irrigation, aqua management and full blown fire protection.

The usage of control valves varies from controlling the flow of liquid to maintaining the pressure of the gases. In order to expertly handle the temperature or the level of liquid inside machinery, control valves opens or closes after receiving the controller signals.

BERMAD provides a generous range of control valves for multiples prospects and purposes.

The monopoly has advanced a series of these valves for categorical utility. 

BERMAD Control Valves for Irrigation 

200 Series Valves

The BERMAD 200 Series control valves are specifically commenced for residential, commercial and agricultural irrigation. 

These unmanned water control valves are delineated for vertical or horizontal installation and are serviceable in Globe or Angle Patterns with superb hydraulic performance. 

Features and Benefits 

  • The valve can grapple with rough conditions obtaining high chemical and void generation since it uses glass filled nylon as the construction material for valve body, cover and seal disc.
  • The IR-200 series valves are tenacious plastic valves which can be brought into use for a long juncture.
  • The presence of a self cleaning orifice nails down a steadfast valve operation even with slightly saline water.
  • Solenoid and Remote Hydraulic Control are present in conjunction with user-friendly design.

IR-200 valves are prorated into Hydraulic valves and Electric valves. There are five product parts for each of these discrete valves which have variant characteristics features. These are: 

  1. Fastening bolts and nuts.
  2. Valve Cover
  3. Auxiliary closing spring
  4. Seal disk assembly 
  5. Valve body

The prime models for IR-200 series valves are:


  • No sweat physical control of personalized irrigation set using the manual selector.
  • An effortless flow/pressure control by the manual flow steam.
  • Arbitrary connection to future automation system. 


  • Remote control for discrete irrigation sets using battery operated controlled or radio operated RTU.
  • Simple flow/pressure control by the manual flow steam.
  • Manual local opening of the value by the "orange" handle. 


BERMAD Control Valves for Waterworks  

700 & 800 series valves

These series offer and assortment of control attributes from pressure minimising, relief and sustaining, through level pump, surge, flow and burst control to solenoid and electric control. 

The BERMAD 700 & 800 series control valves meets every water supply needs from municipal and regional to industrial facilities. 

Product Features 

  • Double Chambered Actuator.
  • Diaphragm Assembly.
  • Piston Assembly.
  • Cover Plug.
  • Inherent Separation Partition.
  • Spring.
  • Seal Disc Assembly.
  • Seat.
  • Wide Body (Y or Angle Pattern).
  • End Connections. 

The chief models for 700 & 800 series control valves are:  

Model 720 ES-NVI & Model 820

These are pressure reducing valves. The former is diaphragm actuated while the latter is piston actuated. 

The following are there relevance: 

  • Flow and leakage reduction
  • Cavitation damage control
  • Throttling noise reduction
  • Burst protection 

Model 740 ES-S & Model 840

These are Booster Pump Control Valves, the 700 series model under this category is diaphragm actuated while the 800 series model is piston actuated which capacitates operation at high pressure.


  • Isolation of pump start and shop effects from the system
  • Solitary single speed pumps
  • Battery of single speed pumps
  • Battery of variable speed pumps

Apart from these there are numerous other models under the categories:

Single Anticipating Valves

     Model 735 ES M

     Model 835-M

Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve

     Model 720-PD-ES-VI

     Model 820-RP

Flow Control Valve

     Model 720-ES-UVI

Solenoid-Controlled Valve

     Model 710-ES-1


This is about everything you need to know about Bermad Control Valves. If you are looking for a supplier, we recommend Pelmar Engineering.

Getting the IT Support You Need

If you own a small business, your attention is directed toward your customers and the products and services you provide, and things will go smoothly with your hardware and software until you encounter a problem and or decide to expand. This is proof that you need ongoing IT support if you want to succeed.

What you can do

You can start by searching for “tech support” on,, or a similar service that provides local reviews. In addition, you can post an ad on Craigslist’s “Gigs Offered” section at no cost and invite IT professionals to respond.

If you use a lot of computer equipment from a particular brand, visit the manufacturer’s website to find resellers or partners in your area that provide IT support. A number of electronics companies, including Dell, offer customer offer consulting and customer support within their guides for small businesses.

What you should expect

The professional you hire should be interested in getting an overview of your business, as well as the technology behind it. They should also become familiar with your system with special emphasis on backup and data security. This will include the antivirus tools, software, Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops your employees use.

In a best-case scenario, your IT technician will be able to assist you with a long-range plan for you system based on your budget and plans for the future, along with a periodic check on its progress. They should also know how to respond to your questions and explain what is being done in language that is user friendly rather than overly technical.

If you find someone who provides several viable options within your price range, they have done their homework in order to give you the information you need. This IT expert realizes that it isn’t always necessary to buy the most expensive products, and they will help you find tools that are suited to the scope and nature of your business. For example, if you own a small boutique, your financial data could be stored on a USB key that you can take with you at the end of the day. However, if you manage a law office or investment firm, you data will need additional protection to be in compliance with privacy laws and other regulations.

A savvy IT expert stays abreast of the latest developments in the tech industry to determine when various products have been created and updated. You can easily see if they do this by mentioning a relevant item that you have seen or read about recently.

Certification is essential

Relevant certifications include Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), and in regard to networking, they should have A+ or CompTIA Network+ accreditation. If you have a Mac shop with multiple needs, find an Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP).

Remember that finding the IT support you need will save money in the long run, and it can be the deciding factor between just getting by and growing you business.

What Features Does The Typical Indoor Navigation Software Come With?

In today’s fast growing world being lost is not an option especially when you have a tight schedule to meet. Global positioning system or GPS is widely used nowadays from mobile phones to cars and many more in the middle all come with a GPS system installed. GPS indeed has become extremely valuable for vehicle and even pedestrian navigation. But with the growing infrastructure and businessman competing to build the largest mall and tallest towers people tend to get lost indoors, many won't accept it but it's the truth.

I am sure everyone has been through that lost in the mall episode both as a kid and as an adult. Sure you can use the indoor directories but after you've figured out where you are and where you want to go, you'll quickly forget and then you find yourself right back where you started . Well finding a place in relation to the "You are here" dot is still less irritating and excruciating than finding a washroom in the hour of need , I personally can't even find the "you are Here" dot let alone the washroom. Plus there's always to headache trying to remember which exit leads to the lot that your car is in. In a fiercely competitive environment, where shopping malls are competing for foot traffic, the winners are innovative mall able to quickly transform the shopping experience.

In-comes the "Indoor Mapping Engine" which is sophisticated and allows the consumer to be instantly familiar with the indoor ecosystem from where ever they may be standing .A shopping-mall app is likely to disappoint in the long term, lacking the depth of features and scalability required to create a remarkable shopping experience. This system will not only revolutionize the shopping experience but the system can be applied to and integrated with many other business applications.

This indoor mapping engine provides the developers and administrators to quickly build and deploy innovative and interactive way-finding features such as"

Advanced map display and interaction: It allows the developers to include innovative features like 360° map rotation, zoom in and out of the place of interest, switch views between different floors, show the nearby streets and also allows the developers to style and shade the maps according to your requirement.
Data and Content Management ability: It provides the developer to map data and manage content across multiple systems, through a single interface. Thereby reducing the effective-cost which otherwise would have been used for support and administration associated with managing and deploying an app across multiple systems.
Landmark based Navigation or Turn-by-Turn Navigation: It is a feature which integrates geospatially accurate maps with location-aware technologies. This gives the shoppers the ability to locate their position as a ‘blue dot’ on their mobile device; shoppers can plan their route between stores, and navigate to their destination using this navigation system. Text directions in this are quite sophisticated, half the times you see the directions like take right in 50 meters, in this system the directions are fully landmark based which is a lot better user experience and makes it more attractive to the end user. This particular indoor platform from JibeStream even comes with fast routing technology that will calculate the fastest path a user can take to their destination.
Messaging Technologies: This feature keeps the consumer engrossed in the mall, makes the consumer acquainted to the mall, to different stores, discount and other retail offers. With the help of location aware technologies, text messages can be delivered to shoppers according to their location or preferences. This feature not only makes your shopping experience great but it also makes it efficient.
Smart Search: this feature helps to configure the in app search feature in such a way that it is able to access external data source also enabling the consumer to have more refine search or search by keyword type options. Also by enabling the predictive search shoppers are given suggestions based on the previous searches thereby speeding up the search process.
Insights and reporting: this feature comes in handy for the mall owners and they can make a great benefit from this. By combining the location-aware objects and mobile apps, data can be collected which helps in giving an insight about the shopper behavior. This data can be very useful for the mall-owners as they can provide an insight about the mall shoppers and also in regulating the mall traffic which is cited as one of the key factors in mall performances. 

Most mapping engines comes with a SDK (System Development Kit) which your development team can use to add indoor mapping to your mobile app; seamless integration with a complex ecosystem of partners and technology; and the ability to rapidly deploy robust indoor way-finding solutions. This is quite cost effective with one of the most advanced mapping technology and has been built in regard to the future. This one is here for the long haul.

Advice When Attempting To Build A Business

In today's fast-paced business community it is extremely difficult to keep up with what's happening without assistance from other like-minded businessmen. These sets of entrepreneurs who look to make money through strategic online partnerships can do so with a global basis whenever they make connections.

Everybody online today who fancies themselves being a marketer wants to believe these are an authority in such things as seo, social websites, SMS messaging, video marketing and in addition text and banner ads. Unfortunately it is extremely hard for a single person to take care of it all because you really need to be in addition to all of the latest trends. Whenever you create a global network of consultants you have the capability to get information from around the globe that you may possibly not have otherwise been privy too.

Creating a global network of local consulting partners takes time and a lot of trust. It may take years before you increase enough solid contacts all over the world which you can use for your very own marketing efforts. But having said that, it is always good to collaborate new ideas about what is trendy today and where we percieve the internet world of business going down the road. It is these strategic partnerships where you could openly throw out ideas which can help make you think outside the box to aid your own business.

Many individuals wonder where to establish a network of consulting partners, but if you are someone that is into going to business trade shows, conventions and meetings around the globe, then which is a great start. But you can also do it right from your house when you are associated with social networking. When you are known business person who puts how informative information each day then men and women will find you. It is the same goes with others, if you see people around the globe talking business on social media marketing, send them a message.

Build Business Consulting Relationships Throughout The World

It is very very easy to build consulting relationships today when you take time to search for folks who suffer from similar ideas as you may. Eventually you will find that your circle of partners has grown worldwide which you may then use to collaborate on successful projects. Take your time, be persistent while keeping making an effort at it every day to be able to succeed.

Many people who do lots of web based business today like to talk to others both locally and across the world in order to keep on top of what's occurring. With the much new technology popping out every single day it is much more helpful when you can network with others to aid stay along with everything.

In today's fast-paced business world it is extremely difficult to take care of what's going on without assistance from other like-minded businessmen. These sets of entrepreneurs who look to earn money through strategic online partnerships are capable of doing so on the global basis once they make connections.

Everybody online today who fancies themselves like a marketer likes to believe they may be an expert in such things as search engine optimization, social websites, SMS messaging, online video marketing as well as text and banner ads. Unfortunately it is quite hard for a single person to keep up with all this because you really need to be on top of all the latest trends. If you develop a global network of consultants you have the capacity to get information from around the world that you could not have otherwise been privy too.

Building a global network of local consulting partners will take time and a lot of trust. It may take years before you decide to build up enough solid contacts all over the world that can be used for your own marketing efforts. But however, it is always good to collaborate new ideas about what is trendy today and where we see the internet business world going down the road. It is actually these strategic partnerships where you may openly get rid of ideas which can help allow you to think away from box to help you your own personal business.

Many people wonder where you should establish a network of consulting partners, but when you are somebody that is into planning to business trade shows, conventions and meetings around the world, then that is a great start. But you can also do it right from your home by being linked to social websites. Should you be known business person who puts how informative information daily then people will find you. This is basically the same with others, if you see people around the world talking business on social networking, send them an e-mail.